Nigerian couple take pre-wedding shoot to the next level in new photos

When it comes to pre-wedding photo shoot ideas, there seem to be no limit as to what people would do, no matter how crazy it may seem.

While pre-wedding photo shoots are part of the wedding process for the present day couple who regard it as another way of officially announcing their wedding, a lot of love struck couple are adding their own special kind of spice to it.

This Nigerian couple identified as Olanike and Oyedapo, have left social media in a buzz after photos from their pre-wedding shoot surfaced online. In some of the photos, the couple’s crazy side came to play as they are pictured in suggestive positions, many the general vibe of the photo feel naughty.

From the look on their faces, it isn’t hard to deduce that these two just can’t wait to wrap things up and jump right in.

Author: arsesaworldgist

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