Travis Scott & Drake Team Up In Crazy New Visuals For “Sicko Mode”

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Travis Scott & Drake’s “Sicko Mode” has gotten some new visuals.

We were waiting for Astroworld for years and a few months ago, it finally arrived. As Travis prepares to begin his tour to promote the album, a few songs from the project are still in heavy rotation. Of course, one of them is “Sicko Mode.” The song is undeniably hype and whenever it comes on, you know it’s about to get crazy. When it was announced that the cut would be getting a new video to accompany it, we knew the duo was going to get pretty creative. We were not let down as the video has just come out and is as flashy as expected.

We officially enter Astroworld as Travis rides through one of the massive golden heads on a horse, casually making his way into the festivities. The editing is stunning here as there are so many different scenes being altered to look as aesthetically pleasing as the last. You can see that a lot of work went into the creation of this project. Of course, the pair didn’t forget to throw in a few twerking women so they meet their video quota.

This is definitely more of a 5-minute movie as opposed to a regular video. Director Dave Meyers did an amazing job here in his follow-up to the “Stop Trying To Be God” video. Travis’ creativity knows no bounds at this point. What do you think of it?

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