Texas is facing a “very major disaster” as Hurricane Harvey approaches its coastline, the state’s governor says.

Harvey, currently a category three storm in the Gulf of Mexico, will make landfall on Texas’ central coast late on Friday or early on Saturday.
Greg Abbott has asked for more federal aid for the storm, which may be the worst to hit the US in 12 years.
The National Hurricane Center said storm surges may bring life-threatening floods in and around Houston.
The storm may bring 35in (97cm) of rain, 130mph (210km/h) winds and 12ft (3.5m) storm surges, say forecasters.
Mr Abbott said Harvey was now “turning into a very complex and dangerous hurricane”.
In a letter to President Donald Trump requesting federal aid, Mr Abbott said: “The storm surge, coupled with the deluge of rain, could easily lead to billions of dollars of property damage and almost certainly loss of life.”
The White House said Mr Trump is likely to visit Texas early next week.