Taylor Swift debuted her epic new video for Look What You Made Me Do during the MTV VMAs last night and it’s just so… different. 
Immediately the song was released on August 25, it generated buzz but with the release of the video, it’s bound to get better. The video showed Taylor like never before. She was clad in various incredible outfits, spanning from biker chick to dominatrix to seductress. She even gave some Beyonce-like dance moves – explaining why fans accused her of copying Bey.
The entire video is of her poking fun at herself. There were men dancing in I Love TS tops, a nod back to her romance with Tom Hiddleston. She also poked fun at her old music videos, with several Taylor Swifts from her previous music videos appearing, all wearing some of her most iconic outfits from her previous videos.
She even addressed her feud with Kanye in the video. Wearing the exact dress she wore at the 2009 VMAs, where Kanye West embarrassed her, and holding the VMAs award she won then, Taylor took a swipe at Kanye.
“I’d like to be excluded from this narrative,” she says with the mic to her mouth. 
Also of note, is that Taylor chose to release the video on a symbolic night – at the VMAs, the same event where Kanye interrupted her to say Beyonce deserves the award and not her.
She went on to continue mocking herself by acknowledging all the things the public have criticised her of, including constantly wearing a surprised expression, pretending to be nice, being fake, playing the victim, and more.
Others who Taylor took a swipe at in the video includes Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian. Taylor is shown draped in jewellery as she sits in a bathtub filled with diamonds and money. This scene seems to be a reference to when Kim was robbed of her diamonds at gunpoint in Paris, during which she was bound and gagged in a bathtub.
Fans went crazy when the video was released and reacted on Twitter, revealing they loved the video but not so much the song.
See Twitter reactions and the video below.