“Black Ken” is finally upon us.

Update: It’s here! After a premature rollout yesterday via Datpiff, Black Ken has officially been made available on Apple Music/iTunes on August 17th. Take a listen to the 27-song project & let us know what you think!

After what feels like an eternity (which probably feels like a millisecond to The Based God), Black Ken has finally arrived. Well, sort of. The twenty-seven track project has arrived exclusively for purchase on Itunes, as well as for streaming on DatPiff. Well, it was at the time of writing this. In the interim, they must have taken it down.
 It seems like Lil B is going a little old school on this one, which means the mixtape has yet to hit any major streaming service. If you want it in full, you’re going to have to offer the Based God some hard earned scrilla.
The project was originally scheduled to drop on the 17th, but the Based God decided to bless us with Black Ken a few days early. The album seems to have something for all walks of life, from the West Coast anthem “Still Run It,” to the boom-bap inspired “Hip Hop.” It’s basically a collection of the many-faced God’s eclectic tastes, and if you’re looking for some of his signature humor, you won’t be disappointed.
While some find Lil B to be a riddle wrapped in an enigman, many have latched onto his off kilter brand of humor and swagger. Songs like “Go Senorita Go” evoke shades of based classic “Hipster Girls” and while his overall sonic quality has clearly been refined over the years, some things can never truly depart. Nor should they.
So there you have it. After a long, oft delayed road, Black Ken has finally cometh. Lil B admits that he needed some time off to perfect his craft, so in some ways, this project may be his most definitive yet. Check it out via the aforementioned methods, and stay tuned for Friday, when it may very well his all major streaming services.
And for one last time, thank you Based God!