Lil West and Kodie Shane shine on the radio-friendly “I Win This Time.”

Early this morning, Delaware emcee Lil West delivered his brand new album LW17. While the project featured a strong mix of experimental and traditional production, the project’s triumphant closing track stands out for its radio-friendly vibe and major-key synth-driven instrumental. West tosses the autotune on and proceeds to spit game on a close lady-friend, drawing clear parallels with Sailing Team captain Lil Yachty, especially once the falsetto kicks in around the halfway point. Therefore, it only makes sense to bring Lil Boat disciple Kodie Shane on board for a guest appearance.
Shane has also been making an impression lately, delivering her own project Back From The Future not too long ago, and another standout single called “Start A Riot.” While the style can definitely lean into “mumble rap” territory, he melodies are pretty consistently her strong suit, so she tends to shine on tracks like “I Win This Time.” When her verse comes in to close out the track, Shane continues the narrative where West left off,  following his melody with her own unique twist. 
The whole track plays out like a classic “Thug Luv” joint, re-purposed to suit 2017’s current musical climate. Ultimately, LW17 does have a few more ambitious tracks that dabble in some stranger musical directions, but “I Win This Time” is the album’s equivalent to a radio single. It’s easily the project’s most accessible track, and with a co-sign from the steadily rising Kodie Shane, it would appear that Lil West is beginning to make his mark on the game
If you’re feeling this, check out LW17 and Back From The Future if you haven’t done so already. 
Quotable Lyrics
Lil West bad for you, but you like the way he’s smashin’ you
When he run around gettin’ that bag for you
Hoes be mad at you