Slowly our climaxes ended and I reached up to stroke Chioma’s  hair before pulling back and sliding my dick out of her. Still bent over in front of me, she quickly reached between her legs to cup her pussy to stop the cum from dripping out of her and onto her parents’ floor.

“Hmmm, that was fun,” she said and standing up carefully walked towards the door with her hand still cupping her pussy. “Back in a moment.”

I grabbed some tissues and wiped off my dick, I also picked up her discarded panties, and hurriedly put them in my pocket before turning to see Oguchi still asleep on her couch. When Chioma returned she said
“Come on, let’s get my mom upstairs. You carry and I’ll guide.”
I slid my hands under the sleeping Ogechi and the feel of her soft body against me started making my dick twitch again. She murmured when I lifted her but otherwise didn’t show any signs of waking up.
Carefully I carried her up the stairs behind Chioma and I was getting more aroused by the sight of her swaying ass not far in front of me. It was probably the drink giving me more energy and it was no problem carrying Ogechi up the stairs and into her bedroom.
I noticed when I entered the bedroom that it was very plain and simple, not at all like my own bedroom with its floral curtains and bed sheets. This room was tidy but didn’t show any personality and I wondered how much influence Ogechi had in the choice of decoration.
I carefully lowered her on to the double bed and she flopped on her back oblivious to my presence. There was something erotic about the way she was lying on her back, legs slightly apart and dress risen up showing more of her thighs than it should.
She saw me looking at her mom and said
“Don’t get any ideas, you are mine for tonight.”
Just tonight? Does that mean Chioma wouldn’t mind if I hit it off with her mom? My drunk brain wasn’t up to working out the consequences right then, but my balls were clear about their immediate intent.
She grabbed my hand and led me to the soft carpeted floor and into her room. A quick glance showed it was the room of a girl have gone through the transition to womanhood. There were an overwhelming red theme and a mixture of decorations from her younger years and a recent picture of a singer that I didn’t recognize.
“I have a confession. I’m confused.”
“I was with some friends at and I started to make out with this boy, Dotun, but all I could think of was you. It didn’t seem right being with Dotun, and I just had to get out of there. I don’t understand why, but it left me really turned on but frustrated too.”
So that was why she was so willing to fuck me as soon as I had asked.
“Well, Chioma, I’m sure you will get used to being with boys your age. It will just take some time.”
Hopefully a long time, I thought to myself.
“But  Lenny, I don’t know if I will ever meet anyone who turns me on like you do.”
The flattery was making my dick hard again. I suppose I could turn this to my advantage.
“Look Chioma, you’re just nervous because you are still not experienced yet. That is understandable and I can help. I’m sure if I help you some more, you’ll soon be comfortable with your friends.”
Her face lit up with a lovely smile and her beautiful eyes widened. It was clear she had a serious crush on me.
“Yes  Lenny, please help me.”
Closing the door of her bedroom I turned to Chioma and pulled her close, kissing her soft lips while my hands undid the buttons of her top. Once undone, I freed her breasts from her bra and hungrily bent down and sucked on her welcoming young firm globes. Chioma moaned at my touch and grabbed my head to hold me against her chest.
Clearly, she was enjoying my attention on her sensitive breasts and she moaned even louder when I start to flick her erect nipples with my tongue before gently nibbling on the nipple in my mouth.
“Oh yes,  Lenny, I need you again,” she gasped while I continued to play with her firm breast.
Hastily I removed my clothes and then grabbed her soft buttocks and lifted her up until she wrapped her legs around my waist. She squealed in delight when she realized I was about to take her standing up. Reaching under her skirt she grabbed hold of my hard dick and placed it at her moist entrance once again.
With a moan she let herself fall onto my dick and I felt her pussy lips stretch wide as she sank down until my thick dick was buried deep inside her.
Impaled on my thick dick, I walked her across the room until her back was against the wall and I proceeded to fuck her hard, my dick pounding into her young body with her long sexy legs wrapped around me. We kissed deeply, our tongues swirling around each other’s while I moved her light body up and down my thick dick, now slick with her juices.
The euphoria of fucking Chioma standing up soon wore off when I started to get out of breath and the muscles in my legs and back began to ache. The alcohol had made me think I was John Cena, and despite her being a light  I was soon getting tired.
There is no easy way of getting a girl off your dick when she is impaled on it standing up. I looked around and recalled that I was in her bedroom with all her childhood memories. And now she would remember this time with me as her first fuck in her bedroom.
Any hint of childhood in this room would be gone.
With the last of my energy, I pulled Chioma up, off my dick which caused her to let out a small murmur of disappointment. Helping her regain her balance once she has unwrapped her legs from around my waist, I then half staggered backward and flopped on Chioma’s bed.
“Hmm, naughty,” said the apparently insatiable Chioma, “You want to fuck on my bed, do you?”
I was only trying to catch my breath, but the idea appealed to me and it was about time I got her to do the work. I beckoned to her and got her to remove her skirt to display her beautiful naked body. I instructed her to straddle me and I was pleased to see that I was still fully erect and ready to carry on fucking this lady.
I got even harder when she walked towards the bed, her hair flowing from her shoulders and her trimmed bush leading my eyes down to her wet pussy lips. She smiled provocatively when she climbed onto the bed with her knees either side of my hips. The bed was surprisingly firm and she barely made a turn on the mattress.
“What now ?”
“Sit above me and rub me along your pussy. “