I thought to myself that of course I was distracted, but I didn’t think I should tell her mum that I was distracted because her daughter was on her knees in front of me giving me a sensational blowjob.

“Sorry, just remembered something,” I lamely replied.

“Oh, OK then. I was asking if I could come around with a special dish I cooked for you.” She asked.

Come around! Oh my god! I had my dick in her daughter’s mouth and she wanted to visit.

“Um, not right now please, I have a visitor arriving soon.”
“Oh, later then. Even better, Chioma’s out for the day and probably won’t be back until later so why don’t you come here for a meal later. I hope you will like my egusi soup, it is my special recipe.”
Chioma’s mum started talking about where the recipe had come from and how she had adapted it, which was where I tuned out again and went back to the feeling of Chioma’s mouth on my dick.
Chioma looked up at me with her big eyes and at that moment she seemed so innocent, despite having her lips wrapped around my hard dick. Her hair framed her pretty young face and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have such an angel sucking me.
The sight of my dick disappearing into her small mouth while she looked up at me, made me harder still and I could feel my orgasm rising and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer.
Chioma clearly could feel the change in me and she grasped my thick dick with both of her small hands, her delicate painted fingernails shining while she held me. Moving her mouth so just the sensitive head of my dick was in her mouth, she started to pump my dick with her hands and I felt her tongue licking at my sensitive dick head.
She started swirling her talented tongue around the edge of my dick and I almost moaned out loud. My balls started to contract, ready for the release into her warm mouth.
“Come anytime you want to.” I heard Ogechi say on the phone.
“OK,” I sighed and then “What? Sorry?” as I realized what Chioma’s mom had said.
“Come when you are ready,” Ogechi repeated.
And that was it. My first jet of cum shot deep into Chioma’s mouth and covered her tongue. Chioma eyelids closed for a second when she received the first blast of my cum, but then quickly opened her eyes and looked up at me while I continued to spray my cum into her mouth.
She helped me by pumping my dick with her tightly gripped hands, and her tongue licked across the head of my dick even while I was firing my cum into her willing young mouth. My legs started to buckle and I reached out for the table with both my hands to steady myself as I came hard, Chioma’s mouth still sucking on my dick.
The phone fell out of my hand and went sliding across the table but I managed to grab it before it hit the floor and my climax slowly subsided. Chioma sank back on her sides, letting my dick fall from her delicate mouth, and looked up at me and smiled a gorgeous sexy smile while I recovered my breath from the powerful orgasm I had just experienced.
I watched Chioma tip her pretty head back and swallow my warm cum, wiping her lips with her manicured fingers.
I noticed that I still had the phone, and lifted it to my head.
“Lenny? Lenny? Are you still there?” I heard Ogechi asking urgently.
“Um, yes, still here. I dropped the phone sorry,” I replied, amazed at what Ogechi had said earlier.
“Well, I can tell you are busy Lenny,” Ogechi continued, “so, as I said, come around to my house when you are free later and I’ll make your food. OK?”
I now understood what Ogechi had really been saying earlier and felt embarrassed. I suddenly understood the enormity of what I had just done. I had been talking to Ogechi while her daughter had sucked me off, and then I had even filled her daughter’s mouth with my cum while still talking to Ogechi.
Meanwhile, Chioma stood up, blew me a kiss and walked out the door as if nothing unusual had happened, leaving me alone in my dining room with the phone.
“Ok Ogechi, thanks for the offer. I’ll see you later. Bye.” I distantly heard Ogechi reply before I hung up the phone and slumped in a chair with my softening dick still out in the air and glistening from Chioma’s wet mouth and the deposit of my cum.
I smiled to myself and thought that I had just had the best blowjob of my life with my neighbour’s daughter, all while talking to her mom on the phone. Life is good to me. Let’s hope it continues.
Later that same day I knocked on my neighbour’s door. It was early evening and I had come round to visit Chioma’s mum as we had agreed earlier, but I wondered what was in store for tonight. I understandably felt like a deceitful person considering my recent affairs with her daughter. It was especially awkward because it was only this morning that I had been enthusiastically sucked off by her beautiful and sexy daughter.
And that was why I was feeling fearful about visiting my neighbour for dinner. My worrying was interrupted when Ogechi answered my knock and let me in. Clearly she had gone to a lot of trouble to make herself look good and it has worked: she looked gorgeous.