My heart sank a little, and my dick flaccid now that there wouldn’t be any pussy for it this morning.

“No problem,” I managed to say out loud.

Chioma broke free of my arms and pick up up her panties from the back of the chair and put them on. Looking back over her shoulder she smiled at me

“I’ll have to make it up to you another day.”

“I’ll be waiting,” I responded as cheerfully as I could. I knew I was doing the right thing by not taking her now but I still felt annoyed and frustrated that I wouldn’t get to fuck her today.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the loud ringing of my phone lying on the locker.
I moved to pick up the phone while Chioma finished straightening her outfit and smoothed down her top and skirt by sliding her hands down her juicy curves.
“Bye Chioma,” I said before picking up my phone and pressing the answer button.
Chioma blew me a kiss and walked towards the dining room, back out into my living room, I concentrated on the call.
“Hello Lenny, it’s Ogechi here, your neighbor and Chioma’s mother,” My heart suddenly paused and I held my breath, thinking how Chioma’s mom could have found out about us.
I thought quickly, trying to work out how to play this, but all I could come out with was
“Oh, hello Ogechi.”
“I hope you don’t mind me calling you, I just wanted to thank you for helping Chioma the other night.” Ogechi continued, not aware of my hesitation.
I breathed a sigh of relief although my heart was still pounding fast. It seemed that Oguchi had not realized I was with Chioma or that I had just given her a wonderful orgasm with my mouth. In fact, it seemed silly now that I thought about it – how could Ogechi have known what her daughter was up to this morning.
“Oh, that is OK, I was happy to help out. Did she talk to you about it?” I replied, fishing to find out exactly what Ogechi thought had happened.
I heard a noise in the room with me and I turned around to see Chioma standing in the entrance looking at me and mouthing something. I could just about make out Chioma asking if it was her mom on the phone and I nodded at her and mouthed back at her that she could let herself out.
I then realized that Oguchi had been speaking to me on the phone and I hadn’t been listening. Something about Chioma being upset about her boyfriend but was glad I had talked to her. In reply, I just made a noise which I hoped would sound alright.
Ogechi continued to talk to me on the phone but again I was distracted because I saw sexy Chioma glance at her watch and shrug her shoulders and give what looked like a naughty smile, and then started walking back into the room towards me!
I hurriedly gestured to Chioma to go now and pointed to the phone to make it clear I was busy and I needed her gone, but Chioma was walking in what can only be called a sexy way towards me, her hands sliding down her sides, showing off her curves.
“Go away!” I whispered loudly at Chioma, not knowing what she was up to and trying to get her to leave.
“… Lenny?” I heard Ogechi ask me in the middle of her flow of talking about the trials of bringing up her daughter.
“Um, sorry Ogechi. It was a … fly that was annoying me.” I hoped that sounded believable and I turned away from Chioma so I could concentrate on the call with her mom.
“It was no problem looking after her the other day, and if you need any other help I will do what I can,” I continued, trying to cover up my mistake.
“That’s very kind and thoughtful of you Lenny, it is good to have a helpful neighbour and I hope I won’t need the help too often but it is good to know that I could call on you to help,” and Ogechi carried on talking to me about the times she had needed help in the past before they moved next to me.
“What!” I suddenly exclaimed and Ogechi paused, but the reason I called out wasn’t to do with her. I felt hands grabbing at the front of my trouser and holding my softened dick through my clothes and I hurriedly looked down to see Chioma’s arms wrapped around me from behind. While I had been talking on the phone she had wrapped her arms around me and had placed her elegant hands on me.
I was having a hard time concentrating on both Ogechi and Chioma but I could make out Ogechi asking me something again and I realized I had called out aloud again. I turned around quickly to face Chioma making her remove her hands from me while I quickly tried to cover up on the phone.
“Oh Ogechi, just another fly in here, they must be multiplying. Hahaha,” I laughed foolishly.
I heard Ogechi chuckle and carry on with her chatting but I was now watching Chioma and my mind, and body, was confused about what I wanted. Chioma didn’t have any hesitation though and she slowly knelt on the carpeted floor in front of me and went back to rubbing my dick through my clothes.
She lifted her pretty face up to look at me and smiled with her red lips before starting to unzip my trouser.
My heart beat faster again, and I was still confused as what I should be doing while I had Chioma’s mom still on the phone to me.
“Did you know that Paul is away again this week?” I heard Ogechi ask me over the phone.
I was having a problem concentrating on the call while I watched Chioma reach into my boxers and grab my soft dick and pull it out. For some reason I was detached from both events, the phone call didn’t seem real and I watched Chioma’s small soft hand pumping my dick as if it was someone else’s dick that was being touched. Not to say I couldn’t feel anything, it just didn’t seem real.
“Paul?…oh your husband. Uh, no I didn’t know he was away.” I responded to Ogechi on the phone.
Ogechi started to explain how her husband was always going away on a work trip and would have to stay away for up to a week at a time, including weekends sometimes.
While Oguchi carried on talking on the phone I distantly watched Chioma rubbing my growing dick. She bent her head so her hair fell forward over her chest and I could just make out her moving closer to the end of my dick. I then saw, and felt, her soft lips kissing the tip of my dick.
At this, my feelings rushed back to me and I was no longer detached from the activities in my own dining room.
Chioma sat up a little and pushed her hair behind her ears to keep it in place. Leaning forward again, Chioma wrapped her small mouth around the smooth head of my dick and I sighed at the warmth of her mouth as she gently sucked on me.
Holding my thick dick near its base, Chioma started to push her lips up and down my still growing dick, taking more of my length into her pretty mouth with every stroke. Soon I was rock hard and she was struggling to take more than half of my thick dick into her mouth.
Now that I was fully erect I was also to my full thickness, and Chioma’s lipsticked lips were stretched wide to accommodate my dick. Her young mouth was really tight around my sensitive dick and I was in heaven.
“Well Lenny?” my mind was brought back to the phone against my ear and I heard Ogechi’s question.
“Um, sorry I missed the question,” I hurriedly replied, my mind once again split between Chioma’s lips on my dick and her mom’s voice on the phone.
“Are you alright there Lenny?” Ogechi asked on the phone, “You seem distracted.”