Russ & Scott Storch release their third single together in three days.

Russ has no shortage of music in the stash, clearly. The self-proclaimed “King Of Soundcloud” hasn’t slowed down since releasing his debut album earlier this year. After the release, it seems he’s either been on tour or locked into the studio. Yesterday, he revealed his second single with legendary producer, Scott Storch. Today, they keep the ball rolling with “Maybe.”
“Maybe” is probably the best collaboration they’ve dropped out of their three songs. While Storch provides the backdrop to the song, Russ goes back in memory lane to a romantic fling he once had. The first verse details their relationship and how she eventually moved on from him. The second verse serves as the ultimate flex on an ex. He raps circles around his ex, letting her know that he’s been doing good in all aspects of his life. While it seems like she had the upper hand before he made it, “Maybe” sounds like the curve that he’s been waiting to dish out. On the hook, he sings “Maybe I should call, maybe not/ Maybe I should leave, maybe not/ Maybe I should go, maybe not/ Maybe I can’t take you that seriously.” Scott Storch’s production on this joint is A1. He uses a climbing xylophone sound with some booming 808’s and a crispy snare that compliments Russ’ voice well.
Shortly after dropping yesterday’s single, Russ tweeted that he’s back in the studio with Scott Storch. At the rate the two have been releasing music, it wouldn’t be surprising if they announced a project in the near future. While that’s just an observation, hopefully, it comes into fruition. In the meanwhile, we could just be appreciative of the influx of music the two have been delivering this week.
Quotable LyricsSo you pull up on me because I say so
You still broke, I’m paid though
Downtown Buckhead, bad latina from the block like J Lo
All my chips got queso